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U.S. Marine Surprises Mother at Church Thanksgiving Dinner

He was at camp Lejeune for infantry training. His mom wasn’t expecting to see him until Christmas time, and this would have been her and her husband’s first year without having all their boys for Thanksgiving.

She had been taking it hard for a few days, crying off and on about not having him home, and wondering if he was going to have any kind of a Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year her family has a big get together with her side of the family in the fellowship hall at one of their local churches. Everyone except for her knew he was coming in. When it was about time for him to get there, some of her aunts took her in to the kitchen to help put away all the food and clean the dishes. This is when he arrived in his dress blues to surprise her.

There was hardly a dry eye in the building. He definitely made it a happy Thanksgiving for her and the rest of the family as well! 🙂

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