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    Check Out These Wonderful Before and After Deadpool Visual Effects Images.

    Odds are if you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you’re going this weekend. And you should, it’s great. What’s also great about it is what the filmmakers were able to achieve with the limited (by comparison) resources. These visual effects images just scratch the surface. The FX Guide has a fascinating breakdown of what director Tim […] More

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    25 Unusual Photos You Have To Look At Twice. #12 Gets My Vote

    Most photographers manage to take pictures like these only once in a lifetime. Sometimes they spend hours waiting with a camera and planning the perfect shot, but other times it can happen by chance. Creative vision and an ability to notice details can turn a photo into a stunning illusion. These shots show us that […] More

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    These 20 Perfect Photographs Will Please Every Minimalist.

    In the world where an excess of information is prevalent, simplicity and serenity are very much needed. The fewer details, the better. Simplicity is genius. Bright Side put together a compilation of photos in which minimalism takes over. We hope these photos will help you achieve some much-needed peace and tranquility. #20. #19. #18. #17. […] More

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    18 Favorite Movies Before And After Visual Effects

    We all know that movies without visual effects look completely different. We have collected 26 scenes from our favorite movies without the magic of computer graphics. After seeing this, we started respecting the acting profession more … But the green dragon pillow just broke my belief in miracles. #18. Mad Max: Fury Road #17. Episodes […] More

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    Women Tear Themselves Apart In Mind-Bending Body Art By This Chilean Artist

    Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque is a 29-year-old artist from Santiago, Chile, who paints women in disturbing ways. The artist creates optical illusions by painting part of the women the same color as the background, allowing him create the impression that the women are tearing themselves apart. When the final photos are taken, the illusion is complete. […] More

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    These 18 Cringe-Worthy Photoshop Fails Should Have Never Made It To The Internet.

    Altering images using Photoshop or similar programs has become the norm of our society. Every few months, another company, celebrity or average Tinder user is called out for their unrealistic or simply ridiculous use of photo manipulation. Most recently, Victoria’s Secret was the subject of Internet rage for its poor and unrealistic editing of a […] More

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    These 34 Optical Illusions Is Definitely Going To Trick Your Brain. #17 Is Terrifyingly Funny!!!

    Optical illusions are fun to look at, but the traditional variety can leave you with a major headache. Luckily, optical illusion photography is even cooler – but won’t have you going cross-eyed. These amazing black and white photos all play with the idea of reality and illusion, and they’re executed extraordinarily well. They’re from many […] More

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