This Guy Cheating On His Girlfriend Gets Busted Big Time On Facebook. #EPIC

Well that escalated quickly.

You can’t hide anything from social media these days. Matt from Wythenshawe found this out the hard way over the weekend.


Pippa met Matt on a night out. They had a great time, but Pippa accidentally took his number down wrong. She then took to Facebook to make a public appeal on the whereabouts of her elusive love object.

The post has now gone viral, because it turns out Matt already has a girlfriend, and she’s not too happy about his weekend antics. Busted.

Facebook went crazy for it, and Pippa realised her post might have been a slight error in judgment:

pic_003 pic_004 pic_005 pic_006 pic_007

Matt’s girlfriend’s Facebook profile is currently set to ‘In a relationship’. Probably not for much longer though.0

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