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    10 Insane Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    When it comes to movie trivia, the internet is seriously abundant with the stuff – most of it useless and interesting to very few people, save for the most dedicated of movie nerds and people who don’t have jobs. But sometimes an instance of movie trivia will come along with the power to stop you […] More

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    These 12 Borders Between Countries Shatter All Stereotypes. Yeah, Seriously!!!

    Whenever we hear ’state border’ we normally imagine guards, armed to the teeth, well-trained dogs, barbed wire and strict passport control. Well, it isn’t always so! Apparently, a border between many countries, is just a symbolic line passing through a sidewalk or a countryside road. #12. Germany — Czech Republic  This majestic sight is a […] More

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    21 Rare Photos That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Joseph Niepce has long been credited with the creation of the camera, but in history, little emphasis has been given to the influential role the device has had. After all, the best photography has captured life’s frailties as well as its excellence in ways no other medium could. And whether that be war, famine, or […] More

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    24 Famous Movie Scenes That Were Actually AMAZING Miniature Models. #4 Is Unbelievable!

    There is a lot of work that goes into making good films. Everything begins with a good and compelling story. Casting talented actors to bring the words off the pages to life can make or break a movie. After that, everything begins to flow in like costumes, makeup, and location. Nonetheless, when the story calls […] More

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    Archaeologists Dig Up An 800-Year-Old Pot. And They Find Something Inside That Changes History.

    In 2008, archaeologists unearthed this clay pot on the Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin. Inside the pot were seeds…and logically, they decided to plant them. Some of the seeds were alive, and when planted, they became squash plants… …but not just any squash plants. The harvest was a giant form of squash thought to be extinct. […] More

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    25 Forgotten Images From National Geographic Photographers That Makes You Speechless!

    As we know, picture expresses everything about a situation. National Geographic photographers are popular because they provide us those pictures which take us in the past and left us speechless.They also provide an opportunity to get involved in the archives of previously unpublished or forgotten images. A project named as “Found” was established in 2013 […] More

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