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    Check Out These 14 Hypnotic Science Gif’s Are Unbelievably Satisfying.

    #14. Fluorescein. Let’s break it down: Fluorescein is a fluorescent tracer that can be used in avariety of ways, from microscopy of biological organisms to understanding the flowof rivers. NASA also used this to find space capsules that landed in the ocean.This non-toxic bright green color can be created in a glass bowl of water afterthe […] More

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    Here’s How To Read A WhatsApp Message Without The Sender Knowing [Hiding Blue Tick]

    Even the most die-hard users of WhatsApp will have noted the need for reading a message or seeing a photo/video without the sender knowing. The pesky little double-blue ticks next to a read WhatsApp text, voice memo, photo or video may sometimes cause unwanted situations. When both ticks appear next to a message it lets […] More

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    25 Cell Phone Towers Disguised to Look Like Something Else. #5 Is ‘Master Of Disguise’

    In our ongoing quest for cell phone coverage and network access at all times, companies must erect cell phone towers across the land. While their presence often signifies coverage for our beloved phones, some people see them as eyesores that painfully stick out and ruin landscapes. To combat this, some companies have attempted to ‘disguise’ […] More

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    Implanting LED Lights Under Your Skin, The Latest Bio-hacking Trend.

    Biohacking has become a ‘trend’ and those practicing it are continuously looking for new means of enhancing their body via implantable technology even if it is only for aesthetic purposes. The latest trend in biohacking is about having LED lights under the skin. A group of three biohacking enthusiasts have recently implanted a device known […] More

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    This Teenager Explained Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity Like Nobody Else And Even Won $400,000

    Have trouble wrapping your head around Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? Can’t understand why space travelers experience the passage of time differently? Maybe this teenager’s 7-minute explanation will clear things up for you a bit. 18-year-old Ryan Chester’s video won the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, which was awarded at the Breakthrough Prize competition in Silicon Valley. The […] More

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    This Video Clearly Shows Just How Small Is An Atom.

    Just how small are atoms? And what’s inside them? The answers turn out to be astounding, even for those who think they know. This fast-paced animation uses spectacular metaphors (imagine a blueberry the size of a football stadium!) to give a visceral sense of the building blocks that make our world. More

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