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    Self-Taught Artist’s Heartwarming Illustrations Shows The Simple Joys Of Couple’s Life

    Dina Odess is a 27-year-old illustrator artist from Kazakhstan, currently living and working in New York. The artist loved drawing since she was a child and tried out many different mediums. She didn’t have any art education, but that didn’t stop her from expressing herself through art. “I tried my hand at a lot of […] More

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    An Unbelievable 350 ft Artificial Waterfall is built on a Chinese Skyscraper

    Skyscraper is, literally, prominent features of many cities. They are increasingly dominating urban skylines around the world. People travel far and wide to view one of nature’s most spectacular Somebody at Chinese construction company Guizhou Ludiya Property Management recognized this and thought, “Hey, why don’t we build a waterfall on the side of our skyscraper?” […] More

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    25 Rare Moments In History Which You Need to See Right Now

    If you love history — particularly the kind that produced iconic, amazing imagery — that you’re going to love this compilation of photos. The 25 images below make up some of the best and most compelling moments throughout the years, decades, and centuries, and many of them don’t make the rounds very frequently. From a […] More

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    10 Insane Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

    When it comes to movie trivia, the internet is seriously abundant with the stuff – most of it useless and interesting to very few people, save for the most dedicated of movie nerds and people who don’t have jobs. But sometimes an instance of movie trivia will come along with the power to stop you […] More