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    Check Out These Wonderful Before and After Deadpool Visual Effects Images.

    Odds are if you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you’re going this weekend. And you should, it’s great. What’s also great about it is what the filmmakers were able to achieve with the limited (by comparison) resources. These visual effects images just scratch the surface. The FX Guide has a fascinating breakdown of what director Tim […] More

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    Researchers Creates A Car That Can Be Steered By Thought.

    Scientists in Germany have equipped a car with new technology that measures the driver’s brain waves. The case for outlawing the practice of talking on cell phones while driving got a boost from the latest breakthrough from the innovation labs of Freie Universität Berlin. German scientists working there have installed a car with new technology […] More

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    This Is The Reason Why Microsoft Is Dumping Data Centers Into The Pacific Ocean.

    In case you didn’t already know, dumping computer equipment into water is generally not a very good idea. This fact is mainly the reason why Microsoft’s dumping of data centers is so interesting. Data centers are basically buildings containing various computer equipment that process all of the internet we use. With the increase in the […] More

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    This Incredible Video Was Captured By A Downhill Skier Swinging An IPhone 6 Around His Head And It’s BRILLIANT!

    We’ve never seen anyone use an iPhone 6 quite like this. What you’re looking at here is 25-year-old Nicolas Vuignier skiing downhill while swinging his iPhone 6 around his head. The iPhone’s camera is filming here in super slow-motion, at 240 frames per second, which makes the effect look even more incredible. Vuignier hasn’t shared […] More

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    Smartbe: The Intelligent Stroller Lets You Go “Hands Free”.

    Smartbe is the name of an intelligent stroller, intelligent in the way it deploys a motion tracking sensor system and follows the stroller’s parent or caregiver. The stroller can follow when the person walks, stops, steps backwards, or continues walking forward. The Smartbe has three navigation modes. In self-propelled mode, as described, it synchronizes with […] More

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    Check Out These 14 Hypnotic Science Gif’s Are Unbelievably Satisfying.

    #14. Fluorescein. Let’s break it down: Fluorescein is a fluorescent tracer that can be used in avariety of ways, from microscopy of biological organisms to understanding the flowof rivers. NASA also used this to find space capsules that landed in the ocean.This non-toxic bright green color can be created in a glass bowl of water afterthe […] More

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    This Is Why Aeroplane Windows Are Rounded. This Is Something I Always Pondered!

    While not everyone will have pondered the subject while staring out of the window during a flight, the question as to why aeroplanes have circular windows rather than square ones is interesting. Over the years, aerospace engineering has made huge leaps in aeroplane technology, meaning planes can carry more passengers and go faster. The planes […] More

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