Crazy-Ex Chronicles: 23 Stories of Genius Revenge

For the most part, people tend to be reasonable when they see their relationship coming to an end. Whether the reason is something as simple as two people growing apart or someone just changing the way they want to live their lives. When the end is near, it’s better to go your separate ways in a friendly and mature manner.

Yet, not everyone can handle with break-ups in the most grown-up way. Some cannot accept the union is dissolving. Others have a right to be upset when they find out the person they love and see a future with has been unfaithful. This makes the most sensible person want to wreak havoc.

The sweet, innocent, loving person is quickly replaced by someone who wants retribution. Take a look at the way some folks deliver their revenge. This may discourage others from ever starting a new relationship ever again.

#23. He broke up with her during rush hour.

lifebuzz-706531b6c8a5fb371c3667615c6042b3-limit_2000What if Jennifer changed her commute route that day?

#22. Nothing says break-up like a billboard.

lifebuzz-61bcda6e4f1ffc0dd2ccde97f11710a7-limit_2000Let’s hope she doesn’t divulge the video tape.

#21. The grossest way to teach someone a lesson.

lifebuzz-93971422c07b9764913a651d10748aed-limit_2000He’ll never drink tea again.

#20. It’s not fair the boat was put through this.

lifebuzz-0b669892e4a5e6a28acca05a014ed78d-limit_2000Other than the ugly messages, the boat works perfectly.

#19. Wow! That’s a lot of potatoes.

lifebuzz-ee696ea4617d4fccd6d0ddc51e6477d2-limit_2000Unusual way to get the message across.

#18. Her punishment to him was inked on her.

lifebuzz-8ed140c503883404cac5404f41e20a7b-limit_2000The joke’s on her.

#17. His hair never smelled so bad.

lifebuzz-535983ab74a1c392e7ef2b0f3ca0562c-limit_2000Just when he thought he was cleaning himself up.

#16. The front lawn just found a new purpose.

lifebuzz-8b7524d0ffaa459a88d275153d80d2e2-limit_2000So kind to divulge all the names.

#15. The attack of the five axes.

lifebuzz-77f5f1d858ccd1db75aeef4e1a644828-limit_2000The hardest call to the insurance company ever made.

#14. Spelling accuracy gets lost in the midst of anger.

lifebuzz-b4f78e8e6ff52b5d29c3651dfec96af3-limit_2000 (1)Now everyone knows what this person did.

#13. All his prize possessions can be found in this box.

lifebuzz-eff898033edf0e280a083128ed959d63-limit_2000Free stuff with a smily face is awesome!

#12. Is it appropriate writing at least?


Covering the shoes completely in sharpie might be the only solution.

#11. The paint, the broken windshield, all too much.

lifebuzz-fb07514f7fc92bbaa63a4c73caec24f6-limit_2000 (1)Point made, you’re angry.

#10. No need to ask questions, she explained all in red!

lifebuzz-f3c86dfde719dc6fd537a67954956312-limit_2000Good thing she warned him.

#9. The PS3 console is sacred to a man.

lifebuzz-2ab0f0ffcbaf759ec9b86cd3b929be10-limit_2000This probably made him cry.

#8. Not the search and find game he would enjoy.

lifebuzz-dd99ee84fcf17096bbcd639e9a79363f-limit_2000It was a nice gesture she left him clues.

#7. A lovely farewell with a rose.

lifebuzz-d43974d90149d9706c3c61cf5de530bd-limit_2000No need for these neighbours to be nosy.

#6. This is when he stopped showing off his sports car.

lifebuzz-6eb5447a41a685954e6156ff25bfa650-limit_2000That took sketching talent.

#5. Why are electronics being punished for their owner’s escapades?

lifebuzz-63fbf8b9a96ef9fe52a5e1224a265f85-limit_2000He needed therapy after this.

#4. So nice to put a baby announcement in the paper, oh wait…

lifebuzz-d70299d05352cddb4126308d9314162d-limit_2000We have a feeling she was being sarcastic.

#3. The sale sign that had motorists slowing down.

lifebuzz-57b81888e560c4a2d19bf37e690c4487-limit_2000No need to warn adulterers to not apply.

#2. Someone is staying in the car for as long as possible.

lifebuzz-d41b72184f0babd189da27ef57a11ade-limit_2000Making sure everyone knows!

#1. It was a bad idea to threaten her.

lifebuzz-33bf2172c3a5c3a1b6b47475d7579896-limit_2000She beat him to his own game.

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