Love, Loss, and Postcards: A Man’s Unexpected Journey After Leaving His Lover

Life offers us many surprises. Of course, we may have our own plans, and we often carry them out, but most people know that the unexpected is always a part of our lives. And if it’s our love lives we’re talking about, then it almost entirely consists of such unexpectedness.

Once, a married man had an Italian lover over the course of several years, and one day she told him she was pregnant.
The man didn’t feel like tarnishing his reputation and destroying his years-long marriage, so he asked his lover if she could go back to Italy to give birth to the child in secret in exchange for a large sum of money. He also promised to provide her with funds until the child turned eighteen.

The woman agreed, and then asked him how he would know that the child had been born. To prevent any possible publicity, he asked her to send him a postcard saying ’Spaghetti’ when the time came. After some time, they bid each other goodbye, and she returned to Italy.

Then almost nine months passed…
One night, when the man came home, his wife met him with a surprised look in her eyes. ’Honey,’ she said, ’We got a very weird postcard today.’

’That’s interesting,’ he replied. ’Let me see it.’
His wife brought him the card and watched for his reaction. The man, having read a few lines, first went deathly pale, and then fainted. His spouse rushed to help him, and the postcard fell to the floor.
All it said was this: ’Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Three with meat balls, two without them. Please send more sauce…’

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