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15 AWESOMELY Unnecessary Things Your Home Needs RIGHT NOW!

We’ve all had wild fantasies about our future homes – from bathtubs filled with dollar notes to sofas that look like royal thrones. And usually, the more unnecessary they are the better! Here are a few items on our ‘When we become billionaires’ checklist. These are the purchases we’ll be making when we finally have enough dough to own an island!

1. Stained glass door.


Finally, a door that’s Instagram-worthy.

2. Giant bird’s nest


The most logical purchase after this would be someone to feed you yummy snacks, mama bird style!

3. Bathtub waterfall


Probably not the best use of water but we’ll gather a few friends for optimum use.

4. Indoor-to-outdoor hot tub


We can think of a thousand things that could go wrong with this one but there’s only one way to find out!

5. A two-story closet


Thumbs up if this comes with a personal assistant!

6. Sleepover room


Does this not look the fluffiest place on the planet?!

7. Compartmentalized bath tub


When you just can’t agree on how many bubbles you want.

8. A never-ending bed for those never-ending naps


Is there a cheeseburger hidden somewhere inside this thing?

9. A loft hammock


It’s like chilling inside a spider web, minus the soul-crushing horror of chilling in a spider web!

10. Library staircase slide


Who said reading isn’t fun?

11. A swimmable bar


Cuz’ it’s important to be the right kind of hydrated.

12. A creek for the hallway


Why? Because we can!

13. Swing-set dining table


A fun conference table, innit?!

14. Bathtub television


We’re not sure how this works but we’ll pay someone to figure that out!

15. Ping-pong door


A door between two rooms doubles up as a fun spot for ping-pong!

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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