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26 Christmas Decorations That Add A Naughty Twist

During the festive season, we all want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in our homes. However, there are some Christmas decorations that are better off left in the box. From inappropriate messages to poorly executed designs, these 26 examples are more naughty than nice. Let’s take a look at some of the most cringe-worthy and hilarious holiday decorations that have missed the mark.

#1 I hate my mind…

This cryptic message may have been intended to convey a sense of holiday cheer, but it certainly missed the mark. The combination of the black background and white text gives the impression of a dark and brooding sentiment, rather than the jolly and festive spirit of Christmas.

#2 Potty display

While bathroom humor can sometimes be amusing, this decoration takes it a step too far. The Santa toilet seat cover and rug are more likely to elicit groans than laughs from guests, leaving little to the imagination.

#3 How to confuse Santa

This naughty decoration features a suggestive arrangement of Santa’s belt and a strategically placed wreath. While it may have been meant as a playful nod to Santa’s iconic outfit, the end result is more likely to leave him scratching his head in confusion.

#4 Train gone wrong

A well-intentioned attempt at a festive train display has veered off-track with the poorly placed Santa. The unfortunate positioning of the toy train and Santa figure creates an unintentionally inappropriate scene that is sure to raise eyebrows.

#5 Wrong aim

In this misguided decoration, an oversized snow globe features a less-than-festive scene of Santa with his pants down. While the intention may have been to add a bit of humor, the result comes across as more crass than comedic.

#6 As per shape, greetings are warm

This festive holiday decoration takes a cheeky approach to spreading holiday cheer. The phallic-shaped arrangement of lights and the suggestive message can be interpreted as more inappropriate than uplifting.

#7 Santa got no chill

This inappropriate inflatable decoration features a laid-back Santa with a not-so-jolly expression. The overtly sexualized depiction of Santa drinking a beer sends an unsuitable message, especially for a family-friendly holiday.

#8 Not a nice place to sit

An unsuspecting Santa seems to have found himself in an awkward predicament in this poorly positioned chair display. The unfortunate placement creates an unintentionally lewd scene that is sure to turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

#9 That was Santa

A well-intended Santa decoration has gone awry with the unfortunate placement of the figurine. The result is an awkward and inappropriate display that is more likely to raise eyebrows than spread holiday cheer.

#10 That shape…

This suggestive holiday decoration features a phallic-shaped arrangement that is far from the traditional festivities of Christmas. The unintended innuendo is sure to leave guests feeling uncomfortable rather than merry and bright.

#11 Find the running man

#12 Good boy

An unconventional approach to decorating for the holiday season, this less-than-tasteful display of Santa’s attire is sure to raise more eyebrows than Christmas spirits. The unfortunate placement of the hat and boots leads to an inappropriately suggestive scene that is better left unseen.

#13 Seats reserved for ladies only

This ill-conceived decoration takes a crude approach to holiday cheer, with an inappropriate message plastered across the seating area. The suggestive nature of the sign is sure to leave guests feeling more uncomfortable than festive.

#14 Plush…

This off-color holiday decoration features a stuffed animal in a compromising position, leaving little to the imagination. The inappropriate positioning of the plush toy is sure to elicit more gasps than giggles from unsuspecting guests.

#15 Melting Olaf

A holiday decoration gone wrong, this unfortunate placement of an Olaf figurine creates an unintentionally inappropriate scene. The melted appearance of the beloved character adds an inappropriate twist to an otherwise cheerful holiday display.

#16 Polar bear having fun

This festive decoration takes a lighthearted approach to the holiday season with an inappropriate scene of a polar bear engaging in less-than-family-friendly activities. The suggestive position of the polar bear is sure to leave guests feeling more awkward than entertained.

#17 That’s a good bend!

#18 Cookies for Satan. LOL

This holiday decoration takes an irreverent approach to the traditional custom of leaving out cookies for Santa. The inappropriate message sends an off-putting message, rather than spreading holiday cheer.

#19 WOW

A poorly executed decoration featuring the word “WOW” in oversized letters creates an unwelcome sense of lewdness. The tacky display of the word may have been intended as a playful nod to the holidays, but it falls flat and feels inappropriate.

#20 Spelling gone wrong

While quirky holiday decorations can sometimes add a touch of humor to the festive season, this poorly written message misses the mark. The misspelled message detracts from the intended holiday cheer and instead comes across as more cringe-worthy than comedic.

#21 How to attract Santa?

This inappropriate and suggestive decoration takes an unorthodox approach to attracting Santa. The crass nature of the message takes away from the holiday spirit and detracts from the intended festive atmosphere.

#22 Evil

This unsettling holiday decoration featuring an oversized, sinister-looking Santa is more likely to frighten than cheer. The inappropriate depiction of Santa sends a confusing and off-putting message, rather than spreading holiday joy.


#24 Burning house

This disturbing holiday decoration features an unfortunate representation of a burning house. The inappropriate nature of the display sends a dark and unsettling message, rather than the intended festive cheer.

#25 There is no place for Santa here

This holiday decoration features an uninviting message that detracts from the traditional spirit of Christmas. The unwelcoming sign sends a negative and inappropriate message, rather than spreading holiday joy.


This awkward placement of a wreath sends an unintentionally inappropriate message to guests. The suggestive nature of the arrangement detracts from the intended holiday cheer and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.


While the holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, it’s important to remember that not all decorations are created equal. These 26 examples serve as a cautionary reminder that sometimes a little restraint and attention to detail can go a long way. By avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure that your holiday decorations stay firmly on the nice list. So go ahead and deck the halls, but remember to keep it tasteful and appropriate for the festive season. Let’s leave the naughty decorations to the imagination and focus on spreading holiday cheer instead.

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