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She Grabs A Pair Of Scissors And Starts Cutting Up Her Bra. This Trick Was So Helpful!

I absolutely love wearing backless dresses and shirts. But I always have the same problem: what to do about my bra strap? Well, I may have just come across the most brilliant yet simple solution to this problem.

This easy DIY project is also super quick. All I can think is why haven’t I thought of this before. . !!

#1. Grab a bra, a pair of scissors, some needles, and some thread.


#2. Cut the straps on one side.


#3. Then cut the straps that go around your back.


#4. Measure out a suitable length and sew the loose shoulder strap to the bottom of the bra cup.


#5. Voila! You get good support without the strap in back !!


#6. So you can wear your favorite dresses bare-backed dresses, sans problem !!


How incredibly smart. For a full tutorial, make sure you watch the video in the next page.

Source: Youtube/Ray Lee

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