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Here’s What That Small Pocket Above Your Jeans Pocket ACTUALLY Means!

I have a ton of jeans that don’t fit me anymore (the diets finally paid off) and I don’t like just throwing things out, so I like to get creative with my old clothes.

When I saw this on YouTube I decided to put them to good use, and made several cute Birthday presents in the process:

Amazing, right?
My morning commutes are usual pretty dull, however I was feeling rather chipper this morning, I had my headphones in; staring out the window on the train, loving life. I reached in to my pocket to change the song on my phone when my fingers got caught on that stupid non-pocket inside my actual pocket, and it got me thinking, what are those things actually for?

Apparently it’s called a ‘watch pocket’ used by cowboys in the 1800’s. But seen as I’m not a cowboy (or cowgirl) I wondered how we could make use of it today.


Emergency foods:

9a6539e756a21b4affaf1ae4519e40cb-768x768Why not…

Spare batteries:

9899477756a21b4affaf2275e6a52e67-768x768Because you never know when you might need them…

Toy car:

9904755456a21b4affaf2862bce37748-768x768Because you never know when children might attack you in the street, and a toy car is your only (get out of jail free card) chance of survival.

Sachets of McDonalds salt:

998509b056a21b4affaf0f9294482e85-768x768You never know when you may need to enhance the flavor of your food. I’ll be damned if I have to carry a salt shaker round with me again.

And maybe even loose change, but that’s just boring!

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