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This Incredible Video Was Captured By A Downhill Skier Swinging An IPhone 6 Around His Head And It’s BRILLIANT!

We’ve never seen anyone use an iPhone 6 quite like this.
giphyWhat you’re looking at here is 25-year-old Nicolas Vuignier skiing downhill while swinging his iPhone 6 around his head.

The iPhone’s camera is filming here in super slow-motion, at 240 frames per second, which makes the effect look even more incredible.
giphy (1)Vuignier hasn’t shared how he managed to film this video — he advertises a “making of” video which will teach people how to make similar contraptions. But it looks like he found a way to securely tether his iPhone to his arm, holding the phone in at least two places to maintain the phone’s upright orientation throughout the video.

Definitely check out the full video below:

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