21 Technologies That Prove The Future Is ‘Almost’ Here. I Need #5 NOW!

You might be disappointed in what science fiction promised us so far: we have no jetpacks, no flying cars, no Star Trek-style teleportation or cell phone looking healing machines. We haven’t even been to Mars yet!

But worry not! The best brains are hard at work making sure your future will be a breeze. And guess what? Some of these are currently available! Science, bitches!

#21. Ryno

RYNO-11.jpg Ryno one wheel bike downloaded from by Richard Taylor

Forget the Segway and whatever fixed-gear bike is currently getting you to work. The RYNO is what Batman would ride if he invented the Segway. Though it’s currently in prototype, but that could give you time to save up for this bad boy.

#20. The eye tribe

12bcc0c2-08d8-4f27-822f-eae8ce5b970aThis upcoming software tracks your eye movements, allowing you to play games, scroll through the web, or just control your computer. Soon, fingers will be obsolete! About time.

#19. inFORM

“inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table’s surface.”

#18. The Oculus Rift And Virtual Reality

96fbd4e0-7767-424d-9872-91090692649bThis is a reality now. You’ll soon be able to immerse yourself in your video games with the Oculus Rift, the next release of which will be for consumers! Check it out and start saving those pennies.

#17. The Air Umbrella

7467c4c8-c653-405f-90c2-078706eac5f1It looks like a simple stick, but the Air Umbrella shields you from the rain with a powerful air force field. No more trying to wrangle with those awkward umbrellas!

#16. The Ampbot

afe68c9a-0de3-4e2f-a349-8fb697b74192Standing over two feet and covered in speakers, the Ampbot by Hasbro follows you around like a little puppy. A puppy that plays your favorite tunes. Get him while he’s hot, $500 US is worth the price of this robot.

#15. Robot Lawn Mower

0dd8007e-e48c-405a-a3d4-306b580775dcThis one may not play music but it might serve a more practical function. It’s the Roomba for the great outdoors, so don’t worry about the height of your grass anymore because now it’s the robot’s problem.

#14. Your Own Personal Drone

1b58b6bc-e6d1-4cb3-bce0-949e51f2cae2Get your very own birds-eye view of anywhere with a drone! The technology is quickly becoming more and more affordable.

#13. The Smart Kitchen

44c2309b-76c0-4e00-86fb-bfc68e978decTouch screens will abound in your home of the future, and the best place for them is in your kitchen! Using Galaxy Tab technology, the Prisma Smart Kitchen will help you expand your culinary horizons and have fun cooking! Just remember to use a coaster.

#12. Touchscreen T-Shirts

5891e7d0-96b6-4256-9801-ecb2f3b6f226So long, Fitbit! Soon you’ll be able to monitor your body with your shirt.

#11. The Laser Watch


#10. Audio Tooth Implant

b3ca37f5-33ef-406d-a833-0321a5eda47dIt’s discreet for making phone calls with the touch of your tongue. Who knows if it’ll stand up to peanut brittle?

#9. Go For Smart Contact Lenses…


Like Google Glass (but without the nerdy lookin’ glasses)…

#8. …Or Telescopic Contact Lenses!

ff4c8cda-9295-4633-be46-1472304869f7Like an eagle!

#7. A Stethoscope Phone Case

65ad9335-3496-42eb-8129-5ab32373def9Wanna feel unaccomplished? This ingenious device was developed by a 15-year-old AND he got to show it off on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It’s currently waiting approval in the United States, but expect more medical devices to become mobile.

#6. The Bio Robot Refrigerator

1d70a4b4-6cac-4352-a237-ebb6fc6591abEnvelop your food in this non-stick, odorless cooling gel for easy preservation and access! Looks pretty odd, though.

#5. A Solar Powered Window Socket

402c54b0-f3c3-47de-a429-367917705b2aHave too many windows when all you need is an outlet? This handy device will soon make it easy to get that extra juice.

#4. This Device That Turns Paper Into Pencils


#3. A GPS Homing Device For Your Car

171f6212-b396-4700-a3f9-23bbbba39579Lose yourself in the mall parking lot? Next time you get out of the car, push a button on this homing device! It’ll mark the car’s location and point you to it on your way back so you can find it with ease.

#2. A Device To Prevent Headphone Tangling

7d356bae-8c76-4d23-a7b9-68f066ca8835What took science so damn long?

#1. A 3D-printed cast that is finally shower-friendly

7f7109f2-6069-4b65-a5a9-ade50b8a6ef0No more itchy, smelly, grossness.

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