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    Smartbe: The Intelligent Stroller Lets You Go “Hands Free”.

    Smartbe is the name of an intelligent stroller, intelligent in the way it deploys a motion tracking sensor system and follows the stroller’s parent or caregiver. The stroller can follow when the person walks, stops, steps backwards, or continues walking forward. The Smartbe has three navigation modes. In self-propelled mode, as described, it synchronizes with […] More

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    This Is Why Aeroplane Windows Are Rounded. This Is Something I Always Pondered!

    While not everyone will have pondered the subject while staring out of the window during a flight, the question as to why aeroplanes have circular windows rather than square ones is interesting. Over the years, aerospace engineering has made huge leaps in aeroplane technology, meaning planes can carry more passengers and go faster. The planes […] More

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    Here’s How To Read A WhatsApp Message Without The Sender Knowing [Hiding Blue Tick]

    Even the most die-hard users of WhatsApp will have noted the need for reading a message or seeing a photo/video without the sender knowing. The pesky little double-blue ticks next to a read WhatsApp text, voice memo, photo or video may sometimes cause unwanted situations. When both ticks appear next to a message it lets […] More

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    96% Of The Web Is INVISIBLE To Google. Want To Know What Exactly It Contains?

    You thought you knew the Internet. But sites such as Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram are just the surface. There’s a whole other world out there: the Deep Web. It’s a place where online information is password protected, trapped behind paywalls, or requires special software to access—and it’s massive. By some estimates, it is 500 times […] More

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    The World’s Craziest Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth In Six Seconds And Is 3D Printed.

    One of the most promising applications of 3D printing is the customization of everyday objects to the most personal and variable thing we possess—our bodies. A new example of this is the Blizzident toothbrush, which is made possible by two intersecting technologies—3D scanning and 3D printing. The result is a toothbrush shaped exactly like your […] More

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    This New Male Contraception Controls Sperms At The Flick Of A Switch. Yes, That’s Right!

    German carpenter invents on-off contraception switch for sperm. Joiner from Berlin has invented a switch Bimek SLV which can turn off the flow of sperm from a man’s testicles, making him temporarily infertile. A German carpenter has invented a valve which he claims will revolutionise contraception, by allowing a man to turn the flow of […] More

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