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    35 Items That Are Borderline GENIUS!!!

    We come across so many genius and cool products or ideas that we think you’ll simply love. You could be enjoying your lunch while on-the-go with the car swivel tray! Or how about a relaxing shower with an awesome color-changing LED shower head?! Check out this list of borderline genius collection: 35. Sunken Trampoline 34. Smartphone […] More

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    21 Awesome Yet Weird Things You Didn’t Know Existed

    22 : This dentist waiting room 21 : McDonald’s winter gloves 20 : Pop Tart Stuffed Donuts 19 : Future arcade boxes will be like this – NO COINS!! 18 : Pepper spray that takes a picture of the person you spray 17 : This awesome looking tie 16 : This walking sleep bag 15 : This handy backpack. Creepy yet awesome!!! 14 : […] More

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    The Most Amazing Lego Gadget You’ll Ever See

    They’re called Great Ball Contraptions. All they do is move miniature balls from one place to another—in the most complicated manner mechanically possible. For the Lego Technic-loving designer/engineer, they’re an elite, Rube Golderberg-esque litmus test of skills. But one epic build by ‘Akiyuky’ may have just put all others to shame. It’s 100 feet of […] More