5 Bizarre Pictures Which “Prove” Time Travel Exists.

#5. The Chinese Swiss Watch.

Back in 2008, a 400 year old tomb was opened. Archaeologists were shocked to discover this small watch among the artifacts. The back of the watch is engraved with the word “Swiss”. They have no explanation of how this modern watch came to be in an unopened 400 years of old tomb.

#4. Anonymous Lady Using Cell Phone In This Charlie Chaplin Movie.


Viewers watching the extras section of the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus” noted this person seemed to be talking on a cell phone. Others have claimed that it was an ear trumpet, a horned device used to help those who were hard of hearing to hear. If that’s true skeptics argue,who would she be talking to?? Why is she laughing and talking if no one is there to hear but herself??

#3. 1940’s Hipster.


This picture was taken at a small opening event in 1941. Time travel enthusiasts were quick to point out how this man stood out. He appears to be wearing a hooded sweatshirt and printed t-shirt, and a modern camera.

#2. Mysterious Disappearance And Appearance Of Rudolph Fentz.


Rudolph apparently vanished without a trace in 1876. That alone wouldn’t be enough to constitute time travel, except that he turned up again…in the 1950’s. Fentz allegedly materialized in a New York street, where he was struck by a car and died. Police were baffled as to what had happened, especially when they found his pockets to only hold currency from the 1800’s.

#1. The Man In The Book.


A couple was perusing an old book store when they happened across a book with this photograph included. It shows a group from 1917, but this man sticks out. His hair is disheveled and his clothing does not fit in with the time period. Also note how the man beside him is staring at him, as though he too is aware of the strangers.

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