U.S. Marine Surprises Mother at Church Thanksgiving Dinner
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This Soldier Didn’t Want His 6 Kids There When He Got Home… So he DID THIS Instead!!!

We imagine it’s pretty hard to be away from your spouse and even just one child for a period of time, but this soldier and dad was gone for over half a year, deployed with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, away from his six beautiful children, and the amazing wife and mother who was back home taking care of them.

As you may have seen in previous videos of military homecomings, like the video of the U.S. Marine who surprises his mother at Church Thanksgiving dinner, you can’t go wrong with a great surprise.

Rather than announce to the kids that dad would be returning home, these parents decided that surprising each of them individually would make for an even more memorable homecoming… and they were right!

Starting with seeing his two youngest at the airport, which included his 7-month-old daughter that was only two-weeks-old when he had left, this soldier makes his way from school to school and classroom to classroom, surprising each of his six children.

It’s apparent by the reactions of the children that they couldn’t be happier to see their father, with some of the moments becoming extremely emotional as they embrace one another after the six plus long months of being away from each other.

Watching this video will make you even more grateful to the people who sacrifice everything, including their precious time with their families, to fight for out country.

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