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Raw Video: UFO Shows Up at Norway Observatory

Radar and cameras at the Hessdalen Interactive Observatory, Norway have tracked and filmed numerous un-explainable phenomena – strange balls of light hovering over Norway, the fastest one recorded at 30,000 km per hour. The ‘Hessdalen phenomena‘, has baffled scientists for years. Watch the above video between 48:36 to 51:37 for yourself and witness the unexplained.

To talk more about Hessdalen UFO sighting, since the 1980s, a strange phenomenon has been witnessed by thousands of people in the Hessdalen Valley in Norway – UFO’s. Strange lights, moving at incredible speed along the ground or high in the sky, have been photographed, videoed and tracked with radar. A permanent research project is even based on the site. But even after all this, no one actually knows what the Hessdalen lights are, or what causes them.

Truthloader interviewed Erling Petter Strand, Chief of Project Hessdalen and see what he has to say:

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