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Your Sleeping Position Reveals How Good Your Relationship Is. Pretty Cool!

Looking at the way you sleep can say a lot about you as a person. For example, if you sleep on your back, you are likely the strong, silent type, while if you are a stomach sleeper, then you are more the open, sociable and playful type.

It turns out that looking at how you and your partner sleep together is just as significant, and can say a lot about your relationship.

According to Patti Wood, an expert on body language and the author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language, things that you do not talk about in your relationship may show up in bed… while sleeping.

Here are the top ten most common positions couples tend to form in bed, along with what each one means. Which of these sleeping positions do you and your partner fall under ??

#10. “The Spoon”

1According to a study by relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, only one fifth of all couples actually sleep while spooning. It signifies that one partner take a protective position over the other. According to Patti Wood, it also says “I trust you”.

#9. “The Loose Spoon”

2Couples newly in love generally have the most physical contact in bed, but when the novelty begins to wear off and the relationship matures, partners gradually begin to ‘let go’.
According to researcher Paul Rosenblatt the ‘loose spoon’ is a typical sleeping position in relationships which have matured and where the couple prefers to have a bit more sleeping space.

#8. “The Hunt”

3This position is similar to “The Spoon” and can mean two things. First, that the person being “hunted” wants to be pursued, and is playing hard to get. But according to author Samuel Dunkell, it can also mean that that person wants space.

#7. “The Triangle”

4The Triangle is an extremely intimate position, and even more rare than “The Spoon”. It occurs most often after sex, or when the relationship is new.
But The Triangle does not always mean that the relationship is perfect. According to psychologist Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, it can also mean that the pair is too dependent on one another and afraid to sleep apart.

#6. “The Dissolving Knot”

5This position starts with “The Spoon” but the couple releases each other after about ten minutes.
The position is a sign of a stronger relationship than in “The Triangle” — however, only eight percent of couples actually sleep this way. It is a compromise between being intimate and independent; the best of both worlds.

#5. “Free Love”

6Do not worry if you and your partner sleep in opposite directions of one another — it’s actually good news. According to a study conducted by relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, it means that you are connected and secure in your relationship. The position signifies both intimacy and independence within the relationship.

#4. “The Back Kiss”

7Sleeping back to back but moving closer together and having contact with the back or buttocks also indicates a secure and mature relationship. It’s also often seen within new relationships.

According to psychologist Corrine Sweet, it means that both are relaxed and comfortable with each other. This position is more common among newly in love couples, or for those who have been together under a year.

#3. “The Embrace”

8This cozy position is most common in new relationships. According to psychologist Shirley Glass, “The position strengthens feelings of companionship and security.”

#2. “The Leg-Hug”

9If your partner moves their leg or foot toward you, it may mean that they seek sexual or emotional contact, according to author Patti Wood. If both legs are intertwined, it is a sign that you can not get enough of each other, not even in your sleep. “You work very well as a couple; you likely end each other’s sentences and take good care of each other,” says Wood.

#1. “The Starfish”

10If your partner takes a position similar to a starfish, then they tend to be selfish, especially if the “starfish” begins to push the other over the edge. If this happens, it could suffice to have a chat about your relationship and try to get back to the “dissolving knot” position.

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