10 Sleep Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe #BUSTED

How many times have people given you helpful advice when you lament about your sleeping issues? ‘Count sheep’, they say. Or ‘don’t exercise before bed time’.
Turns out that they’re wrong. These 10 myths about sleeping will make you realise that you’ve been doing it wrong all along!

#10. Counting sheep helps you sleep


Studies have found that picturing a relaxing place actually helps more than counting sheep!

#9. Your brain is inactive when you sleep


Your brain is working just as hard when you’re asleep as when you’re awake. Your body, including bones, muscles and tissues are resting and regenerating during sleep.

#8. You can only dream during REM


You dream during different sleep cycles. People dream for about 2 hours every night.

#7. If you die in a dream, you die in real lifepic_004

Well, you didn’t really believe that a ghost version of you was walking around, did you?

#6. The amount of sleep you need changes according to your age


Everybody needs 7 – 8 hours sleep a night

#5. Your body gets used to less sleep

The body never adjusts to a reduced sleep schedule. Sleeping less leads to health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

#4. Yawning is a sign of being sleepy


Some animals yawn to threaten or seduce. It’s also said that people who yawn when seeing someone else have more empathy.

#3. Working out before bed makes it impossible to sleep


There is no difference in sleep quality when comparing people who work out in the morning or night.

#2. Never wake someone who’s sleep walking


It’s not dangerous to wake someone up while sleeping but you may shock them. The wise thing to do would be to lead them back to bed.

#1. If you can’t sleep, just lie down and wait for it


If you can’t sleep, perform a relaxing activity like reading or some light cleaning. Avoid watching television or using the computer.

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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