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These 27 Pictures Clearly Shows Where Our World Is Headed. #WeWantChange

The advent of rampant economic growth has lead to a frightful increase in the amount of greenhouse gas emission. This in turn accelerates the pace of climate change across the world. Simply put, our ice caps are melting faster than they should and temperatures are now starting to swing to extremes.

Scientists across the world are quick to raise alarm and are now predicting a large and inevitable natural catastrophe. The only alternative we are faced with is to reduce our emissions and start growing green.

As the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words, and here are 27 of the most powerful photographs to reiterate the seriousness of our collective reality.

1. A bird’s eye view over the metropolis of Mexico City with over 20 million citizens.

pic_001 2. The lack of humanity with which this elephant has been killed by a poacher and left to rot.

pic_002 3. The amount of pollution that is being emitted by a single power plant.

pic_003 4. Paths taken by air crafts over the overcrowded London airport.

pic_004 5. Maldives, a once sought after tourist destination now faces the threat of rising sea levels.

pic_005 6. Opening time on Black Friday following Thanksgiving in Boise, Idaho, USA.


7. The melting of a frozen waterfall, a sign of global warming that cannot be ignored.


8. The desert in Nevada, USA that serves as a dump yard of used tires.


9. A wave full of trash being ridden by an Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya in Java, Indonesia.


10. The dump site for electronics in several developing countries.


11. The sight of a hill in Canada that once boasted a mighty forest, now bare.


12. All efforts to put out a fire that broke out miles away from Fukushima in vain.


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