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    11 Fascinating Hidden Messages In Popular Movies That You Never Noticed.

    Cinema is a fascinating and absorbing art of illusion. Film directors often like to incorporate hidden messages into their films, referencing other movies, books or phenomena. Men’s Den has collected the best secret clues and funny messages in popular films. You will be surprised how many hidden meanings you missed in some of your favorite movies, […] More

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    This Is Why Aeroplane Windows Are Rounded. This Is Something I Always Pondered!

    While not everyone will have pondered the subject while staring out of the window during a flight, the question as to why aeroplanes have circular windows rather than square ones is interesting. Over the years, aerospace engineering has made huge leaps in aeroplane technology, meaning planes can carry more passengers and go faster. The planes […] More

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    10 Facts About The Paris Attacks You Definitely Need To Know.

    On November 13th 2015, a string of terrorist attacks (mass jottings, suicide bombings, hostage-taking) rocked the city of Paris and the northern suburb of Saint-Denis. The deadliest of those attacks being at the Bataclan theatre where 89 people were killed. Here are 10 facts about the Paris attack that you need to know. #10. Anonymous […] More

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    17 Oddly True Baby Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!!!

    Sure, your mom says you were cute when you were little, but what she doesn’t mention is that you were a hair-eating zombie with super strength and explosive bodily functions. #17. In the womb, all babies grow mustaches…that they eat. That’s right, you heard me. When a fetus is about four months into pregnancy it […] More

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    35 Weird Facts That Are Hard To Believe!

    The world is a truly fascinating place, full of little quirks and oddities. Most of these fun facts don’t pop up in the history books, and that’s unfortunate, because they’re truly the spice of life. If you’re the type of person who ponders the more peculiar questions of the universe, then you’re going to love […] More

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