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This Mini Origami Robot Can Walk, Swim & Disappear! #UNBELIEVABLE!

This will definitely remind you of Transformers!!!

An incredible new micro-machine created by scientists from MIT and TU Munich can self-assemble, walk on various surfaces, swim, carry items and climb slopes. The machine is made of PVC and tiny magnets. It weighs 0.31 g and 1.6 cms on a side and can be dissolved in acetone.

The scientists achieved the micro-machine’s self-assembly and propulsion features in brilliant ways. A PVC sheet laser cut with structural layers causes the sheet to fold around its tiny magnet in just a few minutes time when placed on a heating element. Movement is accomplished by pulsing electromagnetic coils placed near the machine to stimulate its magnet.







Check out the video to watch this amazing mini-origami robot in action!

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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