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This Mexican Bridal Shop Mannequin Is Hiding A DARK SECRET. It Left Me Speechless.

Located in Chihuahua, Mexico, we find a bridal shop that is very famous but for what will have you SHOCKED!!!

Most people flock to popular bridal shops for their elegant and sophisticated dresses and great designers. The people in Mexico flock to this shop for the mannequins mainly the one you see below. For the last 75 years, this mannequin has been standing there in the window and the locals say that it’s a corpse, not a mannequin at all. This sounds bizarre and fake but is it really? Why don’t you decide for yourself?

The mannequin is named La Pascualita or Little Pascuala. The name comes from the previous owner whose name was Pascuala Esparza.


Soon after the debut of the mannequin the locals have suspected La Pascualita to be the body of the owner’s recent daughter.


Pascuala’s daughter died on her wedding day by a black widow bite. Ever since her name has been lost in history.


Even though Pascuala denied that this was her daughter the rumors continue to spread.


People have reports that she will shift positions at times in the window and her eyes will follow you around the store.


They frequently change the dress, but only the owner and some close employees are allowed to touch her.


The locals consider La Pascualita to be a saint. They actually pray to her and leave gifts at the shop.


No everyone believes this is a real corpse. Some think that this is just a really good wax dummy.

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