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    33 Scary Face Ideas For Halloween. #10 Is More Than I Can Handle!!!

    Halloween make-up has changed since we were kids. What were plastic masks and basic crayons is in the yesteryears. Today, the question is how imaginative can you be? The possibilities are endless. Here are some photos to inspire you to be spooky for Halloween. #33. Rockabilly zombie #32. A more traditional Cheshire cat. #31. The […] More

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    This Video Shows How Rats Get Inside Your Toilet. #SCARY

    I’ve heard stories about sewer rats magically appearing in people’s toilet bowls but I never really understood exactly how the rats were able to pull off this feat. Didn’t they need oxygen to breathe while crawling through the plumbing? Are rats good swimmers? Too many questions and never any solid answers. Until now! Thanks to […] More

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    5 Most Creepy Unsolved INTERNET MYSTERIES!!!

    The internet is big, really big, so big that if you tried to count every webpage you’d probably run out of numbers, or patience. The internet is also weird, really weird, but every once in a while someone finds something on the internet that just seems a bit too weird, something so creepy and unexplainable […] More

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    Let’s See If You Can Get Through These 27 Vintage Photographs. They’ll Fuel Your Nightmare!!!

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 50 to 70 million American adults suffer from some type of sleep disorder. The cause of this nationwide exhaustion is attributed to a wide range of factors, including technology’s ever-growing hold over the population, and that old American standby: poor diet. It’s so bad, in […] More

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    The 15 Most Terrifying Places You’ll Ever Visit In A Lifetime. #7 Creeps Me Out!!!

    Prepare yourselves, because these creepy locations around the world are about to send a chill running down your spine. 15. Abandoned House of the Communist Party (Bulgaria): This building was tucked away in the Balkan Mountains. Upon entering, there’s a description that reads, “On your feet, despised comrades! On your feet you slaves of labor! […] More

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