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Here’s How To Read A WhatsApp Message Without The Sender Knowing [Hiding Blue Tick]

Even the most die-hard users of WhatsApp will have noted the need for reading a message or seeing a photo/video without the sender knowing. The pesky little double-blue ticks next to a read WhatsApp text, voice memo, photo or video may sometimes cause unwanted situations. When both ticks appear next to a message it lets the sender know his or her message has successfully been received, and read.

In fact, swiping across the same message will reveal exactly when it hit the recipients’ device and when they got around to reading it.

However, a simple trick has being doing rounds on the Internet which allows you to read the message without the sender knowing it which means the pesky blue ticks can be avoided.

Step by step Tutorial –

TRICK #1: Disable Blue Check Mark by disconnecting from Internet:

1. Without opening the message first go to your phone settings and turn off Mobile data or WiFi connection. (By which you are connected with internet.)
2. When you successfully disconnect with internet, Open conversation and read whole conversation.
3. After reading it, Go back and close WhatsApp Messenger.
4. Now again connect to internet and start using WhatsApp.

Important Note : After connecting internet if you reply to that person, it will show blue check mark again. So try to avoid opening that conversation in case if you don’t want the blue message read check mark. This is not a permanent solution but still you can use it in critical conditions.

TRICK #2: Disable blue check mark by Pop-up notification:

1. To enable popup notification go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > Popup notification
2. There choose “Always show popup” option.

That’s it, now you can read WhatsApp massages without read confirmation from being sent to the sender.

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Written by Sahaj Kothari

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