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36 Reasons You Should Stay FAR AWAY From Disneyland During Halloween Time

On Sept. 11, Disneyland opened its park for Halloween Time. That means bewitching and spooky festivities will go into full effect. It may seem like an exciting time, but do you really want to go? Check out our reasons going to Disneyland during Halloween Time is a terrible idea, and decide for yourself.

#36. The park is constantly reminding you it’s Halloween Time with tons of decorations.

1 You have been warned. . ! !

#35. The Haunted Mansion is turned into a Nightmare Before Christmas extravaganza.

2Whoa, can you handle that?

#34. Yup, there’s even a ghoulish pumpkin mountain.

34Its glow is a lot to handle.

#33. The treats transform into Halloween masterpieces.

4Don’t be alarmed . . .

#32. California Screamin‍’ gets a pumpkin makeover.

5Are they even allowed to do that?!

#31. All the banners become orange.

211Are you ready to live without the red, white, and blue ones?

#30. This massive pumpkin is plopped down onto Main Street, USA.

30It will totally take you by surprise.

#29. The cotton candy transforms into candy corn.

29It takes a moment to adjust to this.

#28. There are scarecrows all over the place.

9What are we going to do without all the crows?

#27. Mickey’s Head is turned into a ghost.

10OMG, please don’t tell me that means Mickey died . . .

#26. The characters hide themselves in costumes.

11How ever will we recognize them?

#25. Sometimes Minnie is even a witch.12

Let’s hope she’s a good one.

#24. Suddenly the park offers pumpkin-flavored treats.

13We should have gotten a warning.

#23. All the balloons are orange.

14What is all this Halloween business, anyway?!

#22. These Winnie the Pooh pumpkins light up at night.

15How could they decapitate Pooh like that?

#21. Basically all the cookies are Halloween-themed.

20How can we all deal with this?

#20. There are also packaged treats with, you guessed it, orange bows.

20The orangeness, I can’t take it.

#19. Sometimes the caramel apples are really scary.

19Who’s brave enough to bite into that?

#18. Even the Disneyland entrance is covered in pumpkins.

19What if someone is allergic to pumpkins? What do they do then?

#17. The amount of candy you can get on Halloween day is ridiculous.

20I can hear dentists all over the world crying.

#16. Skeletons wait for you in the park too.

21How morbid.

#15. The pumpkin carvings are very intricate.

22You have to get pretty close to see all the details. So exhausting.

#14. There are pumpkin paintings as well.

23Enough with the pumpkins. ENOUGH.

#13. You can find coffin-shaped desserts.


#12. City Hall might be the most orange location of all.

25Sunglasses are recommended.

#11. Donald Duck turns into a pumpkin.

26How sad.

#10. Jack Skellington is hiding just about everywhere.


#9. Cobwebs cover Main Street, USA, at night.

28They should really start dusting more often.

#8. A dead quartet will serenade you in the dark.

29So spooky.

#7. Even It’s a Small World is covered with pumpkins.

30Pumpkins just might take over the park.

#6. Careful, some pumpkins are just in disguise.

31Like this glittery one.

#5. You will always know when Mickey’s Halloween Party is about to start.

5Are you willing to stay??

#4. Visitors are all dressed up in costumes.

33It’s just too much.

#3. The villains come out to wreak havoc.

Hide your kids; hide your wife.

#2. Space Mountain turns into a ghost galaxy.

35Can you face the paranormal activity?

#1. Your experience will be unforgettable.

36Are you ready for Halloween Time at Disneyland?

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Written by Dharam Kothari

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