Good Parenting Summed Up In These 25 Pictures. #10 Just Won My Heart

#25. How my son wanted to spend the $120 he saved this year. Saturday morning, my son walked into my room and said he wanted to use his money to help the homeless. I asked him what he had in his mind, and he said he wanted to make them lunches.


#24. 9-year-old boy created a no-kill animal shelter in his garage.


#23. Kid helps bunny climb sculpture.


#22. This 8-year-old was bullied for 2 years while growing his hair long to make wigs for kids with cancer.


#21. My 3-year-old daughter saw a little girl without hair and asked her why she was bald. I explained she was sick and the medicine made her hair fall out. “Oh, she can have some of my hair,” she said.


#20. My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local SPCA.


#19. 9-year-old girl builds shelters for the homeless and grows food for them, too.


#18. Its been almost a year since we took in the neighborhood stray and my son still insists on tucking him in when he naps “so he knows that he lives at our house and will come back.”


#17. Walked in on my little cousins.


#16. My wife told my daughter that the kitty was hurt (arthritis) and to be careful with her. Daughter: “OK, i’ll read to her”.


#15. My 13-year-old daughter makes me sandwiches to take to work. I didn’t even ask. She offered.


#14. She found out our dog had to get shots, so while we were waiting in the parking lot of the vet our daughter hugged her and told her that shots hurt but it will all be OK and that she will take the dog to the toy store if she was a good girl.


#13. Carlitos saved up on his own to buy the shelter dogs peanut butter!!


#12. This 5-year-old girl sneaked a baby cow into her home to cuddle with it.


#11. When these Jurassic Park Battle damage, open wounded dinosaurs originally came out, people complained how they were too violent for children. Yet here’s my 2-year-old, who asked me to help treat his wounds, and now comforting him.


#10. Kid reads to a shelter cat.


#9. Homeless boy does his homework using the light from a local McDonald’s.


#8. This young man bought some dog food with his own money and donated it to an animal shelter.


#7. My 8-year-old, Adriana, was taking care of her toy, who “had been in an accident”.


#6. My daughter Trisha gave her cookies to this little girl begging for alms on the jeepney.


#5. Our little boy caressing a grouse that had been killed. He also tried to give it some water.


#4. My son always share the drinks with the best friend.


#3. Best friends.


#2. Mackenzie raised $500 by yard sale (twice) to fill backpacks of supplies for kids in need.


#1. My daughter with the neighborhood cat who never let anyone touch him before.


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