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Once You See These 12 Products You’ll Wonder How You Possibly Lived Without Them

#12. A Lego mug you can build on.

1Costs only $24

#11. A duvet cover you can DRAW on.

2Wash it and your doodles will go away. $61.

#10. Animal duster slippers to clean your floor.

3Make cleaning less of a chore by dancing around your dirty floors with these adorable slippers. Throw ’em in the wash, then reuse! Read more at:

#9. De-pit cherries with this boss cherry chomper.

4This solves so many problems. $13.15

#8. Keep your party dip cool with this dip-on-ice bowl.

5Because there’s nothing worse than lukewarm dip. $19.26.

#7. This indoor marshmallow roaster is the answer to staying toasty this winter.

6$69.95 worth it.

#6. Take your drawing to another dimension with this 3D doodle pen.

Untitled-7This is the future. $154.29

#5. Salt and pepper magic wand shakers will make your food that much more magical.

8$10. (!!!!)

#4. Set up your shower singing game with this amaze sponge microphone.

9Imagine belting the chorus of “Let it go” with this baby in your had.$9.72

#3. A panda sandwich maker that turns your borrriing bread into these fabulous panda pouches.


#2. A stress ball that looks like a delicious donut.

11OMG $9.99

#1. A cheese grater for all DJ’s out there.

12That includes DJ wannabes too, $9.89.

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