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She Filmed Herself For One Second Everyday For The Entire Year. The Entire Footage Gave Me Shivers!!!

“Most Shocking Second A Day” is a PSA filmed by a British Creative Agency called ‘Don’t Panic’ for Save the Children organization. The goal of the video is to throw light on the ongoing violence in Syria.

“Our solution was to tell a story that would bring the realities of Syria home, and to do it we combined the one-second-a-day and photo time-lapse formats to create a new way of showing an ordinary girl’s world falling apart in just a year,” Don’t Panic says.

The thought-provoking video features a little British girl filming one second of her life every day. The footage shows the little girl being oblivious to news about war and conflict but then, the bombs start falling. From celebrating her birthday to enjoying little girl fun, the video then gradually shows her running from bombs and visiting hospitals. It ends with an emotional message:

[quote_center]“Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”[/quote_center]

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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