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No One Knew How This Hole Could Swallow An Entire Lake. FASCINATING!!!

At Lost Lake in Willamette’s national park in Oregon, a strange natural phenomenon shocks the residents every single year. At a particular time in the year, the lake is swallowed by a big hole! Read on to know more about the hole that fascinates an entire world.


During fall and winter, no one notices anything weird about Lost Lake. But when it gets warmer, it’s like someone suddenly pulled the plug out of a giant bathtub.


When the rainy season is on its way, the lake disappears into a big hole! Cool, right?

Here’s a video of the phenomenon.

The explanation behind this natural wonder is lava streams. These are formed during volcanic eruptions when lava flows deep beneath the surface. When lave travels underground, it builds tunnels. And when these tunnels collapse, it forms a whole. Here’s an illustration that explains the process.


According to the spokesperson for the national park, Jude McHugh, the water from the Lost Lake flows deep into the earth through the lava stream, which fills up other water sources in the forest. These water sources then act as drinking water for the societies that surround Lost Lake.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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