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    Now You Can Check Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook.

    If you had the ability to find out if someone no longer considered you a friend, would you? An app called Who Deleted Me is giving Facebook users the ability to see if their friends unfriended them online or just deleted their Facebook accounts. Around 500,000 people have signed up on the app to see […] More

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    Dumb Girls On Facebook #Facepalm

    What you say can, and will be used against you in the court of social media. Check out these posts from girls on Facebook for some serious LOLs! #1. Too late? #2. We’d like to know what subject this is! #3. The new way to weight loss. #4. Well, at least she felt dumb! #5. […] More

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    This Just Goes To Show Cheaters Never Prosper

    Cheating is really stupid. Cheating in the Age of Facebook is really, really stupid. Cheating on your significant other when they know your Facebook password is really, really, really, really stupid. Everyone in this list did the first two stupid things, but it’s really amazing how many people put in the extra lack of effort […] More