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When NOBODY Replied To Her Baby Shower Invites, Her Friend Did Something ASTOUNDING. #Awww

A baby shower is meant to be a joyous occasion where the soon to be mother is spoiled by all of her friends.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for Bailey Bealefeild when she was heartbroken to find nobody has RSVP’d “yes” to the event.

She had set up a gift list on Walmart which not one of her friends had even “visited” once.
pic_001When her best friend learned about what had happened she went to popular website Reddit and posted the following.[quote_center]

My best friend of more than 10 years is pregnant with a baby girl and her baby shower is this weekend. I just found out that no one is planning on coming except for me.

I went to her registry on Walmart today and it has 0 items purchased so far. She’s obviously upset that no one RSVP’d for her baby shower and because I’m the only one attending and I was hoping Reddit would be able to help cheer her up.

Her registry items range from £ 0.63 bottles all the way up to a £ 17.4 Nursery monitor. I know a few random acts of kindness would really make her day this Sunday.

pic_003Gifts were coming in from all over the world including; Canada, UK, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, and even Australia.
pic_004When the day came a handful of family members did show up, but the kindness of the internet community was what was beautiful about the day.
pic_005“There are good people out there!” Baily said, “I’ve never felt so good in my life, my baby is going to be taken care of.”

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