30 Bizarre Facts That Will Twist Your Mind (Avoid #23!)

A little trivia never hurt anyone. In fact, random facts makes the day that much more interesting. Just when you think you have read everything that is interesting and odd, there is always more to be discovered.

We have brought you unusual facts before. Now we have found a new list of things that may sound too bizarre to be true. This may be the best entertainment to get you through the week. #13 proves one should never mess with scientists’ coffee. Or maybe we should.

#30. The third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson is credited with being the first person to cite the term “shag.” Take that Austin Powers!


#29. The Emergency Bra doubles as breast support and respiratory face mask.


#28. Google provides their employees with condoms in the company’s colours with a message; “I’m feeling lucky.”


#27. Astronaut Neil Armstrong left four bags of excrement in space from his Apollo 11 mission in 1969.


#26. In order to stabilize the economy the Zimbabwe currency was taken out of circulation. The bank was paying citizens $5 USD for one $100,000,000,000,000 bill.


#25. Walmart decided it was business as usual when a man shot his wife to death in one of the store’s in 2011. Instead of closing, the crime scene section was simply roped-off for the police.


#24. A cat belonging to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom carries the official title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.


#23. The “Goliath Birdeater” is the largest spider in the world. It weighs as much as a puppy and its fangs can pierce through a small rodent’s skull.


#22 . Gold particles can actually be absorbed by trees through a bio-chemical process.


#21. India’s wealthy are turning to scorpion stings to get high. The initial sting is painful for a couple of minutes but turns into a illusionary, floating feeling lasting up to eight hours.


#20. As the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II answers to no one. This may explain why she has never given a press interview.


#19. It costs approximately $5,978 annually to raise a medium sized dog till the age of 11.


#18. The first web camera came to life 23 years ago when research scientists at the University of Cambridge wanted to figure out who was drinking all their coffee.


#17. Mexico’s drug cartel makes an extra $152 million every year growing and selling avocados.


#16. Colonoscopies and cockroaches have a higher approval rating than US Congress.


#15. The government of Japan measures its citizens’ waistlines to make sure they are not overweight.


#14. One lead pencil can write about 50,000 words in English.


#13. Members of the Beetles did not read or write music.


#12. The stomach acid in vultures is corrosive, so much so these animals can digest hog cholera and anthrax bacteria.


#11. The news satire and digital media company “The Onion,” is worth more today than legitimate news outlets.


#10. When water is hot, energy and mass increases thus making it heavier than cold H2O.


#9. It is believed that a bacteria in the water supply was responsible for the death of three U.S presidents in the 19th century.


#8. To keep the skin looking younger and improve elasticity, spas are offering 24-carat gold facials.


#7. $1 million dollars worth of diamonds are set on the spine to loosen the knots on the back. The “Dream Girl” treatment also includes leaving 1.5 carats of powdered diamonds to release all the toxins in the body.


#6. A 60,000-year-old cave in Barcelona, Spain, has been discovered to have an hearth that was used to heat water.


#5. Saint Arnold of Soissons is the patron saint of beer. He encouraged local peasants to drink beer, “the gift of health.” His brewery saved many lives during the plague in Belgium.


#4. Moonshine, Illinois has a population of two people. There is only one building, excluding the outhouse, built in 1912 that sells the famous “moonburgers.”


#3. The U.S. Department of Justice makes it illegal for businesses to ask for proof that a dog is a service animal.


#2. Motorola has created the “authentication vitamin.” When the pill is digested it will unlock all your devices.


#1. One 17-year-old in China gave up one of his kidneys in exchange for enough money to buy his own iPhone and iPad.

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