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    These 12 Borders Between Countries Shatter All Stereotypes. Yeah, Seriously!!!

    Whenever we hear ’state border’ we normally imagine guards, armed to the teeth, well-trained dogs, barbed wire and strict passport control. Well, it isn’t always so! Apparently, a border between many countries, is just a symbolic line passing through a sidewalk or a countryside road. #12. Germany — Czech Republic  This majestic sight is a […] More

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    21 Rare Photos That Will Blow Your Mind!

    Joseph Niepce has long been credited with the creation of the camera, but in history, little emphasis has been given to the influential role the device has had. After all, the best photography has captured life’s frailties as well as its excellence in ways no other medium could. And whether that be war, famine, or […] More

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    39 Facts You Wouldn’t Have Known Ever…EVER!!!

    Yes…some are defintely not known to you. So, here are some fun facts to impress your neighbors. 39. In Japan, letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is considered good luck. 38. The actor who was inside R2-D2 hated the guy who played C-3PO, calling him “the rudest man I’ve ever met.” 37. Sea […] More