This Viral Pimple Popping Video Is The Most Disgustingly Satisfying One Yet. OMG!!!

Popped pimples are like train-wrecks or birthday clowns: they’re horrible but you can’t just look away.

Meet “Mega Zit” the puss-brimming skin-bubble that’s just begging to be squeezed.


The disgusting uber-pimple (it’s more like a boil or a cyst) reached critical-grossness mass on this young man’s back.


At first a small bit of blood seeped from the area, but when further pressure was applied…


…they had a firm mound of puss on their hands they needed to pull out of his body, leaving a bullet-hole behind.

The weirdest/best part of the video is that his family is watching the painfully gross operation and providing hilarious commentary throughout.

Enjoy, you sickos!!!

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Written by MD Admin

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