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    24 Famous Movie Scenes That Were Actually AMAZING Miniature Models. #4 Is Unbelievable!

    There is a lot of work that goes into making good films. Everything begins with a good and compelling story. Casting talented actors to bring the words off the pages to life can make or break a movie. After that, everything begins to flow in like costumes, makeup, and location. Nonetheless, when the story calls […] More

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    Check Out These Wonderful Before and After Deadpool Visual Effects Images.

    Odds are if you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you’re going this weekend. And you should, it’s great. What’s also great about it is what the filmmakers were able to achieve with the limited (by comparison) resources. These visual effects images just scratch the surface. The FX Guide has a fascinating breakdown of what director Tim […] More

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    11 Fascinating Hidden Messages In Popular Movies That You Never Noticed.

    Cinema is a fascinating and absorbing art of illusion. Film directors often like to incorporate hidden messages into their films, referencing other movies, books or phenomena. Men’s Den has collected the best secret clues and funny messages in popular films. You will be surprised how many hidden meanings you missed in some of your favorite movies, […] More

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    60 Photos Of Actors Behind The Scenes That Will Change How You See Their Movies Forever

    When the cameras stop rolling, these movie stars enjoy their break time just like everyone else. These photos of actors behind the scenes may just change your mind forever about the characters they play. Men’s Den handpicked these 60 photos of these Hollywood actors and personalities behind the scenes. Hope you’ll enjoy… #60. #59. #58. The […] More

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    18 Favorite Movies Before And After Visual Effects

    We all know that movies without visual effects look completely different. We have collected 26 scenes from our favorite movies without the magic of computer graphics. After seeing this, we started respecting the acting profession more … But the green dragon pillow just broke my belief in miracles. #18. Mad Max: Fury Road #17. Episodes […] More

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