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    33 Scary Face Ideas For Halloween. #10 Is More Than I Can Handle!!!

    Halloween make-up has changed since we were kids. What were plastic masks and basic crayons is in the yesteryears. Today, the question is how imaginative can you be? The possibilities are endless. Here are some photos to inspire you to be spooky for Halloween. #33. Rockabilly zombie #32. A more traditional Cheshire cat. #31. The […] More

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    Why Tesla Is The GODFATHER Of Science. #MINDBLOWN!!!

    The Tesla Coil You may have never heard of Nikola Tesla but you’re likely to have seen the Tesla Coil (an electrical resonant transformer circuit) in old horror films. Besides this, Tesla had some other great revolutionary ideas that are sure to get you thinking! Have a dry shower With Tesla’s cold fire invention, you […] More