She’s Undoubtedly The Rudest Waitress Ever And He Caught It All On Video.

When you go out to a restaurant for dinner, most of us want good company, a delicious meal, and a friendly waitress. You may get the two out of three wishes at Ed Debevic’s restaurant. A family in Chicago had the rudest waitress ever by the name of Cherry. While trying to order their meal she called them cheap, yells and even tells one of the family members to go to Hooters.

Just when you are ready to use some very colorful language, it’s all ok. The restaurant’s theme is rude staff. Yes, people actually pay for their servers to be impolite. Watch this hilarious video and be thankful this was not you. Here’s a restaurant where your order falls on deaf ears.

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

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Written by Dharam Kothari

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