This Couple Bought A Private Island That Costs Less Than Your Honda City! #UNBELIEVABLE

This is the one…that’s right…

]Melita Koulmandas Hunter arrived in Cambodia, along with her husband Rory Hunter, who worked as an advertising professional in Phnom Penh. The Australian couple planned to return to New York within a year, but destiny had something much bigger in store for them!


After spending a year in Cambodia, this happy family of three, went on a vacation 18 miles off the coast of Sihanoukville.


In 2005, they were the first foreigners to step on the island. The locals, who had never seen foreigners before, viewed them as the harbingers of change and sold them a private island for US$15,000

02_2_bedroom_overwater_deck_at_sunset_32122Rory and Melita then went on to build a resort on the island.


Just two years after starting work on Song Saa, Melita was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the setback, Song Saa now has 27 gorgeous villas.


This couple not only bought a private island, but turned it into a vacationer’s paradise.


This family, who left behind a big city to start a completely new life in a remote island, should make us all want to reassess our lives.


Is it really worth it to spend life running an endless race when you can actually create something and call it your very own?


So the next time you do your monthly budgeting, don’t forget to set a little aside for a private island!

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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