10 Horribly Creepy Photos…EXPLAINED!!!

As a horror fan, I love looking up creepy pictures on the internet and letting my imagination run wild. Sometimes, I don’t even want to know the story because the freaky mystery is just too good…

However, it’s cool to know what’s truly inexplicable, what’s a fake, and what’s just an honest mistake that became an Internet Urban Legend. Read on to discover the real-world explanations behind 10 creepy viral images!

#10. Satan’s Underground

1What it looks like: a Satanic Underworld – The graffiti reads ‘Hallo Satan, ich liebe dich’ (‘Hello Satan, I love you’)

Explanation: this bunker was found under a wood in Northern Germany, twisting for many dark miles beneath the surface. It’s pretty creepy still, but many underground facilities remain in Germany, relics from WW2.

#9. The Masked Figures

2What it looks like: creepy masked people were caught on camera by an unsuspecting film crew.

Explanation: this happened to a bunch of film students in New Zealand, and while the police were summoned to investigate what these suspicious loiterers were up to, there has been no news report of any violence in the area. It’s most likely that this was just a viral prank. More on these creepy creatures here.


3What it looks like: The television is sending a terrifying message: You Are Going To Die Tonight.

Explanation: The TV had bad reception and was paused at an amusing moment.

#7. Gas Mask Town

4What it looks like: a bizarre cult of masked fanatics

Explanation: The tiny island of Miyakejima, Japan has an active volcano that spurts toxic gases into the air. Rather than leaving their beloved home, residents don gas masks to protect themselves when the air density gets too noxious.

#6. Freaky possessed baby

5What it looks like: a possessed toddler awoke to attack its mother, long demon tongue hanging out aggressively.

Explanation: It’s just a weird shot taken with Night Vision, causing the glowing eyes. The blurring is because the kid was moving. I guess the only really creepy thing about it is – ‘who would take a photo of a kid in the dark?’

#5. The Ice Horses

6What it looks like: horses ran away from a burning stable only to be engulfed in the frozen lake. Now, every year as the seasons change, the icy heads are revealed by the varying water levels.

Explanation: This is a still taken from the 2007 film My Winnipeg, a visually stunning movie that blends fact and fiction to give a fantastical take on the local landscape. Here’s the segment of the movie…

#4. Dead girl propped up in class photo

7What it looks like: Internet legend states that the circled girl in the third row actually died before the photo was taken, but was propped up for the class photo to avoid alarming other children.

Explanation: The class photo was taken at Dunrobin State School in 1924. The girl’s surnamed was Howlett and she was definitely not dead!

#3. Dead Body Dragged on Google Maps

8What it looks like: Google Maps caught a murderer in the act of dumping a body in a lake.

Explanation: The shot was taken above Koningin Beatrixpark in The Netherlands, and actually shows nothing more than two people walking a wet dog to the end of a pier.

#2. Black Mass

9What it looks like: a creepy cross between the KKK and a Satanic march

Explanation: Spain 1940 – a public procession of the faithful during a religious ceremony called Semana Santa, a week before Easter. So it’s actually a Christian ritual, albeit a strange and old-fashioned one!

#1. Faces on Mars

10What it looks like: ghostly faces appearing on the surface of the Red Planet.

Explanation: The image was actually taken in 1976 but was skyrocketed to fame in the internet age. NASA themselves reveal that the ‘face’ is actually a Mesa – a rock formation, which looks very different taken from alternate angles – as evinced by this disappointingly non-creepy picture of the same Mesa in 2001…

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