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16 Hilarious Harry Potter Products Best Kept In Adults Bedrooms.

Those of us who loved Harry Potter as kids are now getting to be adults, and that means we need some new products other than our Harry Potter pillowcase (which, I still have) and that Deathly Hallows keychain (which, I also have). For those of you who are more ~adult~ inclined, you need these very ~adult~ products.

#16. A wand shaped dildo.

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#15. Golden Snitch pasties.

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#14. Hogwarts garter.

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#13. Marauder’s Map corset.

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#12. Deathly Hallows pasties.

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#11. Marauder’s Map underwear.

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#10. Gryffindor bra.

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#9. Bedazzled Slytherin bra.

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#8. Felix Felicis underwear.

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#7. “Want to see my Wand ??” boxers.

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#6. Butterbeer-flavored massage oil.

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#5. Patronus boxers.


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#4. Neville Longbottom underwear.

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#3. Luna Lovegood underwear.

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#2. Slytherin underwear.

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#1. Educational Decree 69 magnet.

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