22 Times There Was A Glitch In The Matrix. #3 Is For Real???

The Matrix is total fiction, right?

Neo is NOT about to crash through the window of your office dressed in black and wearing dark sunglasses.
Agent Smith is not about to terminate your existence if you learn the truth and decide to swallow the red pill.
Or is he? Here are 22 times glitches in the Matrix happened for real… Be afraid. Be very afraid.

#22. When this Mustang split in half:

#21. When these two appeared at Best Buy:

#20. When this creepy rare double glitch occurred:

#19. When you weren’t really sure if you were awake or dreaming:

#18. When another window seemed a tad excessive:

#17. When these vans glitched:

#16. When there was one extra cat:

#15. When there were two of her:

#14. And of her:


#12. When Google Maps revealed this unexplained and terrifying glitch:

#11. When McDonald’s glitched:


#9. When they appeared:

#8. Also them:

#7. When these IDENTICAL COUPLES “just happened” to appear at the same restaurant:

#6. When this root beer fell out the fridge and just…sat…there…

#5. When this image had no explanation except “definite glitch”:

#4. When the similarity was just too eerie:

#3. When this subway glitch happened:

#2. And this bus glitch:

#1. But MOSTLY when the ACTUAL Matrix happened with these two black cats:

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