These 7 CREEPIEST Sites On Internet You Won’t Believe Exists. #7 NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!

Today if you got offended about some silly thing you saw on internet than you should see this to know that what you saw was nothing compared to this. I have brought to you the list of creepiest websites ever on internet.

#7. Creepy Pasta

The website is creepy for it’s creepy stories, it’s like a Wikipedia of short stories, the name of some stories will give you the idea before moving ahead, stories like Slenderman, BEN the haun, ted game cartridge etc. SO if you are planning to stay awake tonight, this is the treat you need.

#6. GoodBye Warden

HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS: Viewed from the entrance door inside the Death Chamber in the Huntsville width=

This is unusual site, not something you visit daily nor people keep it in bookmarks. This horrifying name of the site is the place where you get to read the final words of those on death row, about to be executed for their crimes, Really sad! but something good about this is that you get an insight into what goes through a human beings head right before death.

#5. Rate My Poo

This site works exactly as its name,On this website you can register, upload a photo of poo and have people rate it. Disgusting! People not only upload their poo but also their pet’s poo, Some people place the poo in valentine love boxes making it look romantic. This website is just crap, better not visit.

#4. Death Date

This website is kind of calculator we all must have used to know when you are expected to die. The software analyses based on your weight, diseases to give you an approximate date but this particular website has a some little surprises at the end.

#3. Staggering Beauty

This website can be your pastime when you are waiting for other site to open, it has nothing but featuring a black worm like creature that follows your mouse cursor. No words, no sounds, just a gentle sway with your cursor, but as you move your mouse vigorously, you get to see crazy flashing images with loud sounds. You cannot bear this chaos more than 2 minutes.

#2. Plane Crash Recordings

This one is more scary than creepy, and only for people who are strong enough to hear the final moments of plane crash victims. You can find transcripts and MP3 recordings here, clearly conveying the horrifying conversation in panic situations of people who know that they are not too far away from death.

#1. Divine Interventions

I personally want to sue this website for the disgusting business.You get plenty of websites over the internet selling sex toys but this is extremely controversial religious-themed sex shop where you get a virgin Mary dildo or holy lube, whatever that is religious. Such an assholes!

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