22 Pictures Of Celebrities Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before. #10 Is Priceless!!!

Men’s Den collected photos of famous people that were taken in their early days, in the informal atmosphere. The pictures reveal another side of celebs’ life — far away from gloss and exclusiveness. Remember: every photo has its own story.

#22. Marlene Dietrich is kissing a hand of Konstantin Paustovsky, 1963. The actress was imbued with his story The Telegram that she read in her youth and since then was cherishing a hope to kiss a hand that wrote it.


#21. 2004. Peredelkino. Quentin Tarantino is at the grave of Boris Pasternak, who was his literary hero from childhood on.


#20. Salvador Dali is walking out of the subway with his domestic ant bear, 1969. It is quite unknown that the eccentric artist had a gigantic ant bear as a pet. Dali often took his exotic friend for a walk in the streets of Paris on a golden leash, and also appeared at the social events keeping it on his shoulder.


#19. David Bowie is standing next to the soviet train, 1973. The cult figure of the Western culture made an unprecedented action at that time — he made a trip across the USSR from Nakhodka to Moscow in 18 days in a compartment of an ordinary carriage.


#18. Alfred Hitchcock is directing a lion during the filming of a legendary Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s station break, 1958.


#17. Sean Connery, a body-builder. The picture was taken at the body-builders’ contest in 1953.


#16. Richard Gere, 1978. This photo of the beginning and unknown actor at that time was taken by his good friend, photographer Herb Ritts. It happened in California when their car got a flat tire and they dropped by a roadside service to replace it.


#15. Pablo Picasso having a bath. The photo was taken by Davis David Douglas, his close friend and only photo chronicler. «You take photographs, and I paint pictures,» that was our division of labor. He had never posed to me, and he had never rejected a photo or canceled any shoot.”


#14. Young Elizabeth Taylor giving a bath to a dog.


#13. Arnold Schwarzenegger practicing ballet.


#12. 18-year-old Madonna, Detroit, 1976.


#11. Ernest Hemingway kicking a can.


#10. Young Leonardo DiCaprio impersonating Charlie Chaplin.


#9. Marilyn Monroe and the president of the United States, John Kennedy, hugging one another.


#8. The Beatles in 1957: Harrison is 14, Lennon is 16, McCartney is 15.


#7. Elvis Presley signing an autograph on the boy’s head.


#6. Princess Diana and John Travolta dancing in the White House, 1985.


#5. Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.


#4. Ernesto Che Guevara drinking through a bombilla straw.


#3. Bob Marley playing soccer before a concert.


#2. At the brief glance, you just see a granny going to the store… But look closely — she is the British Queen.


#1. Kurt Cobain at the time of arrest.


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