5 Castles That Are Cheaper Than San Francisco Apartments. #SHOCKING

San Franciscans know only too well the perils of finding affordable housing in the city. These shocking comparisons to heritage castles really put the rental hikes in perspective.

Get ready to be blown away!

#5. You could buy this castle in the Midi-Pyrénées of France for $2,659,569…


Built on the foundations of a 14th century outpost, this castle spans over 1500 meters & has an English garden, fountains and stunning views.

….or this studio in the Lower Haight for $2,995,000.


With 5 offices and 3 apartments, this 3,438 square feet unit at 871 Page Street may not give off a castle vibe. But it does have copper plumbing and a foam insulated roof.

#4. This castle in Marche, Italy for $854,480…


A restored watch tower, a giant pool & stunning valley views. This castle sure is a steal!

…Or this apartment in the Bayview for $869,000.


Why would you choose a sprawling castle in Italy when you can live in this Bayview property!

#3. This castle in the Belgian Ardennes for $4,005,375…


The castle dates back to the 7th century and has 45 bedrooms and bathrooms. Yes, we said 45!

…Or this mansion in Alamo Square for $6,400,000.


With 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, we think this mansion in Alamo Square is pretty sweet.

#2. This castle in Piedmont, Italy for $3,097,490…


This 1500 square meter, 19th century castle has 6 apartment and a 2,500 square meter farmhouse all nestled within forests and fields.

…Or this pad in Glen Park for $3,600,000.


4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. No lake or forests here, people!

#1. This castle in Haute-Garonne, France for $2,130,859…


Built in the 1800s, this one’s not too shabby with 6 bathrooms and bedrooms, manicured gardens and a saltwater pool.

…Or this Queen Anne in NoPa for $2,399,000.


This two-unit pad at 948-950 Divisadero St last sold in January 2006 for $1,550,000.

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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