2015’s WEIRDEST New Species – AWesome or AWful???

So this week, the State University of New York’s International Institute for Species Exploration (like that isn’t a mouthful) announced the Top New Species of 2015. Now unfortunately, cannon ball-spitting dragons & pixies that sprinkle fairy-dust aren’t part of the list but these are pretty YOLOSWAG in their own way! Check it out.

#10. Phyllodesmium acanthorhinum


This is a brand new sea slug that’s just entered the school books. It’s bioluminescent which means that it emits light and really belongs at a rave party in Goa. Combine the lights with the ink blue ocean and you’ll feel like you’re trippin’ on some legit shit!

#9. Anzu wyliei


Imagine a repulsive lizard covered in feathers. Can you practically feel the creature crawling all over you? Anyway you don’t have to worry cuz’ this little critter’s extinct. Evolution 0 Humans 1.

#8. Balanophora coralliformis


If you look closely at this one, it almost looks like a bunch of hands rising from the grave. Creepy with a capital C!

#7. Cebrennus rechenbergi


Spiders have way too many legs to make them lovable. Now imagine that mess of hairy scary cartwheeling on your tabletop. Too many legs and the skill of a gymnast. That’s just too much power for one insect.

#6. Dendrogramma enigmatica


This thing that looks like the love child of a mushroom and a jellyfish is so gross that even scientists can’t name it!

#5. Deuteragenia ossarium


This cunning bone-house wasp kills spiders and seals them into individual wax cells as a big bowl of yummy for their young ones to feed on. Just look at it closely, and it has the face of an angry grandfather.

#4. Limnonectes larvaepartus


This Indonesian frog apart from being slimy and icky, has FANGS! Come on climate change, do your thing and wipe out this little nasty!

#3. Phryganistria tamdaoensis


Is it a stick, is it a twig, is it an INSECT? This 9-inch bug likes to trick unsuspecting humans into thinking it’s just a harmless stick. Burn down all the forests!

#2. Tillandsia religiosa


Pretty, innit? Don’t let its rose colored spikes fool you! They are really sharp and can scar if messed with!

#1. Torquigener albomaculosus


The original puffer fish’s cousin, the white-spotted puffer fish came first in math class. It builds geometrically-perfect, scarily-accurate little nests to attract a mate. And then it ends up creating more mini-me’s that will grow up to be smarter than humans!

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Written by Sarah Rogers

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