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16 Most Bizarre Items Found On Amazon

1. Infant “chop” Trainer $185.95 – HERE


Taking the popular board game operation to a whole new level! This model is for practicing chopping certain parts of an infant. We’re not so sure Amazon should really be promoting it. Its supposed to be a life like model, and we find it bizarre that people actually buy this and use it and even more strange that someone actually stocks and supplies them!

2. How To Live With A Huge “Manhood” $9.94 – HERE



Want to impress women? Whip this out, the book that is, and read it while you’re sat on a train or a bus to let the ladies believe you have a huge trouser snake. This is actually a known psychological condition which some fortunate people suffer from. Some people are just never happy! At first I thought the book was referring to living with someone who’s rather annoying!

3. Tampon Booze Smuggler Flask $12.95 – HERE



If you’re one of them girls that don’t like to pay the club prices, and risk getting barred for life smuggling booze into clubs then these are for you. Next level alcohol smuggling, nobody will expect your lady things to be booze filled. Bouncers find it awkward enough handling them anyway!  Comes with a handy little funnel for refills. Who thinks of these things?

4. Area 51 Love Doll – HERE


The adult industry is huge, and it seems these days our needs are becoming more and more extreme, and limits seem to have gone out the window do you fantasize about 3 breasted aliens? Well this love doll features 3 love holes that are “out of this world” and some free alien lubrication for probing.

5. Model Of A Pig Showing Acupuncture Points $39.95 – HERE


We have no idea why you would need to know the acupuncture points of a pig, and we really don’t feel the need to Google it to find out, we did however find it very strange, but this pig acupuncture model shows you them in detail. I had no idea acupuncture on pigs was even a practice! Comes set on a varnished wooden plaque.

6. Fresh Frozen Baby Eels – HERE


I mean the thought of eating eels doesn’t do much for my appetite at best anyway, but the thought of them being baby eels is a whole new feeling. Perhaps it’s just the word baby that makes me think of innocent little eels just finding their way in the eel world. An acquired taste?

7. Poopfreeze Spray $17.10 – HERE


Picking up animal poop is all well and good providing it’s a solid, but what happens when the dog has the runs? PoopFreeze is an aerosol that you spray on the runny stuff and it freezes and solidifies it so you can pick it up. You can also use it on cat’s and bird excrement as well! It chills it to -62 degrees and it’s slogan is “just frost and toss”

8. Donkey Cigarette Dispenser $10.04 – HERE


A Donkey cigarette dispenser that dispenses the cigarettes from the ASS of the Donkey. Years ago cigarette dispensers were rather popular, and it seems some people still believe there is a market.

9. Stray shopping carts book $15.72 – HERE


How many of you have seen that abandoned shopping trolley and found yourself wondering for the rest of the day where it came from? Well this book will teach you how to identify stray shopping carts, only in Eastern North America though unfortunately. Impress your friends with your new found hobby!

10. Hand holding a cockroach wall decal $29.99 – HERE


Why on earth would you want your living rooms feature wall to feature a hand holding a cockroach. Someone obviously thought it was a good idea because they listed this wall decal of a hand holding a cockroach. The thought of one in my house makes my stomach turn let alone in my hand. Oh Amazon you’re full of weirdness.

11. Simulated realistic body parts (HEART) $9.99 – HERE



Yes you can buy realistic body parts from Amazon, and that includes the heart. Perhaps next years valentines present to the girl you love. An original gift to say the least, giving her your heart. For added romance you could even gift wrap it!

12. Nasco Life/form Unhealthy Foot Care Kit $34.17 – HERE


Feet totally gross me out at the best of times, but I had to hold back my lunch listing these. I know they are only models but….GROSS!!! These unhealthy foot care kit models are designed to illustrate the importance of proper foot care and nutrition to people with diabetes. Did I mention the toes are flexible? We don’t actually know why you would need a model to illustrate it, I’m sure Google images holds plenty of weird photos.

13. Filled By The Gay Centaur $2.99 – HERE


So here’s one about a man an a centaur. The title pretty much describes what happens in the book. If you look around Amazon there are actually hundreds of bizarre books like this.

14. 2lbs Of Only Red Starbursts $24.25 – HERE


Not so bizarre, but 2lbs of your favorite color of Starburst sweeties (red’s ours obviously) What’s your favorite color! You can order 2lbs of any color from Amazon. 2lbs that’s one hell of a sugar rush!

15. Team Sports America NFL Team Forest Face $19.75 – HERE


When Tom Hanks was stranded on a deserted island in the movie castaway he created his friend Wilson (the Wilson branded volleyball) well perhaps you don’t have any friends? Maybe you want someone to share your passion for the NFL, you’re going to need the NFL Football Forest Face. What would you call him? Woody? Answers in the comments please!

16. Silicone Butt Pads $22.99 – HERE


False advertising at it’s greatest, beware gents when you are checking out them butts, they might be FAKE. Women are that desperate to have an ass like Kardashian that they have created a product for the demand. You can buy the silicon pads that you slip in your shorts or panties, or you can even buy specially designed butt implant panties.

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